Saturday, August 30, 2014

Motorola Moto G



A phone with a low price that can rock specs of a beast then its definitely the MOTO G.
Hey guys this is Kicstarv from Tech That and lets talk about MOTO G.The Moto G is a very powerful yet cheap smartphone that money can buy.It starts at a $179 off-contract which is ridiculously awesome i mean this price for a smartphone that can handle almost every game you throw at it . lets just take a look at the specs of this smartphone. so this smartphone is rocking ;
  • A Quadcore Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 4.5 inch display 
  • Resolution of 1280x720
  • 326 ppi (pixels per inch )
  • 1 Gb ram 
  • 5 Mp camera with flash (Obviously ;p)
  • Kitkat 4.4.2 out of the box (Vanilla / stock android )

head over to motorola's website for more info ( we are talking the snapdragon 400 processor which is great at this price point. This processor can handle nearly every app or game available on the market . it comes with 4.4.2 kitkat out of the box and can be easily updated to 4.4.4 OTA which is great and the cherry on the cake with this device is that it is powered by stock android and is a Google device and you have a guarantee to receive regular updates from google itself. i would also like to mention that bcoz of this "STOCK ANDROID" there is no blot ware added to your smartphone and the ram consumption on this device is very low. i have used this device for a month and the ram usage on this device is superlow.

Shut up and take my money!!!

The battery on this device is something that every one is so eagerly concerned about. so if you know MOTOROLA, it is great at making batteries whether its droid razr or the MOTO X. so really there is no cScreen itself on the MOTO G is awesome no it really is awesome. for $179 you are getting a 1280x720 resolution display which gives 326 ppi. The viewing angles are great as expected from a 720p display. The screen is great. A big thumbs up to motorola for making this great device for our market.   so at the end of the day is the MOTO G a good bye or a good buy. At this price point , i have said this earlier and will say it again and again, "it is the cheapest yet best phone that money can buy"there will always be competitors like Micromax and spice but you know guys a device that runs stock android and with this kind of specs is just that's about it guys i hope that you liked my post and it helped you . feel free to +1 me if you enjoyed and for more posts like this.